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When you initially register with Worldprofit, you become a Free Associate Member. Just by registering you are given some massive traffic bonuses and are invited to discuss your aspirations with Live Monitors who work with you to get you started towards your own online business. If you then decide to become a Dealer, you are Upgraded to a Silver Membership and are provided with a website and a wide variety of tools and training to help you grow your business.

The Income Zone is my website provided by Worldprofit as part of my Dealer membership. This website contains all the various tools and extras that Worldprofit provide to it’s Dealers to help them promote Worldprofit and it’s income opportunity, The Dealers own Worldprofit business and any other business that the Dealer may want to promote. The website they provide is highly configurable to include a number of built in opportunities and includes an affiliate section where the Dealer can include their own affiliate programs and other products if they wish.

When I joined Worldprofit, I immediately saw the potential of having a website like this that was maintained by a well established company, who also provided all the necessary tools and training to help you be successful, so I immediately upgraded my Dealership from the Silver Membership to the Platinum VIP Membership, which gives me all the extras shown below. You can get your own Worldprofit Silver Member website and start your own online business Today by becoming an Associate Member by visiting The Income Zone Registration page now.

Platinum members are considered VIP Members at Worldprofit because they are usually our top earnings, and have the best understanding of the core services we offer. They are very serious about maximizing how much money they can make.

These are the benefits of upgrading your Silver Membership to Platinum VIP Membership:

1) As a Platinum VIP Member you earn higher commissions! When you upgrade, from that point on you qualify for 30% on sales of Silver and Platinum Membership sales. Plus the standard 5% on second level sales that your Dealers bring in. You still qualify for all the other commissions as well, including the Bonus Program where you can earn up to $500 in commission bonuses!

2) As a Platinum VIP Member you get a number of valuable software tools that are not included in the Silver Membership.

Specifically you get:

– The Instant Video Recording Studio (make unlimited videos)
– The Instant Meeting Center (host meetings on your site for individuals or small groups of people)
– The Instant Seminar System (host meetings on your site complete with slide shows for small groups)
– The Instant Audio Recording Studio (record audio messages that can be sent by email or added to your site)
– The new Autoresponder System for building and sending automated and pre-sequenced messages. The Autoresponder ALSO already includes 12 turn key businesses you can promote for 100% commissions. With the Platinum VIP Membership you have even MORE money-makers you can promote with the click of a button! Platinum VIP Members get the upgraded version of the Autoresponder System FREE! If you know how much Aweber charges for autoresponder services and how complicated it is to use, you will be VERY happy about the new Autoresponder that Worldprofit is including for all Platinum VIP Members! This powerful tool will blow you away.
***The Autoresponder purchased on it’s own is $499.95 – you get the entire system FREE when you upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership.

And last but not least, Platinum VIP Members get the PLR Store at no cost. Purchased on it’s own this e-commerce enabled store loaded with products retails at $199.95 US/year. Upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership and it’s yours free. We do all the installation. It’s quick and easy and you have that many more ways to earn income from your site.

Just one of these last two extras alone are worth the cost of the Platinum upgrade!! – Register Now as an Associate Member at The Income Zone Registration page.

3) As a current Worldprofit customer you enjoy reduced pricing when you upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership. You also receive a number of bonuses which includes leads, subscribers, design upgrades and more depending on the current offer.

In a nutshell there are 3 good reasons to upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership

– you can make more money with higher commissions and more income streams
– you get more tools to help you make more money
– and you save money when you upgrade by taking advantage of special VIP Member pricing and the free inclusions

To get your very own Worldprofit website and your own online business, please visit The Income Zone and register to become a Free Associate Member.

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