Which Affiliate Networks To Look Out For When Promoting. Only The Best Will Do!

Do you know which affiliate programs are safe to promote and those you should avoid like your life depended on it? Do you know how to choose the right ones?

I’m not just talking about your standard affiliate programs, where you are promoting another marketers product from say Clickbank. I’m also talking about MLM and network marketing type programs, where you build a team of affiliates under you and earn from their sales as well as your own. MLM is a bit of a dirty word in some quarters, but there are many legitimate MLM programs that are successful for affiliates because they have setup their system correctly and not in way designed to scam the unwary.

When I was new to internet marketing, I was enticed by some affiliate and MLM programs, that I really should have avoided. They cost me money for no return and one even got my PayPal account permanently limited, something I’m still trying to get reversed. That was in 2008. I had only been involved in internet marketing for about a six months and still had a lot to learn about what was good, and what was not.

The problem is that many programs are marketed in such a way that they look totally legitimate and profitable, and it is only when you sign up that you find out they are not quite as good as the hype on the salespage.

Today’s article provides 10 tips to look out for when trying to decide on which affiliate program to join and promote, which will hopefully prevent you from falling into the same trap I did. You can read the complete article here: Articles / Affiliate Marketing / Which Affiliate Networks To Look Out For When Promoting

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