What a Woodpecker Can Teach You About Online Marketing Survival

You know how persistent Woodpeckers are, right?

How persistent are you?

Well if you want to be really successful online, or in any business for that matter, you have to be persistent. Persistence in your business means; your marketing, your product development, your customer service, in fact everything.

But do You really know why?

Sandi Hunter, Director of Website Development Worldprofit, uses the analogy of the Woodpecker to show you how being persistent can help your business and why you MUST be persistent every day, if you want to see success every day.

Read her article here: Articles / Internet Marketing / What A Woodpecker Can Teach You

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My name is Graham Lee and I am the owner of 'Thoughts On Internet Marketing', as well as other websites Marketing Information Products, Ebooks and Software for Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I've been involved in Internet Marketing for about 5 Years on a part-time basis, whilst holding down a full-time job. I now work more online but also have a number of offline businesses in Photography and Woodworking.

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