Welcome to my house. What you must do — or say — and not do — or say — if you ever want to be invited back. (I’m serious.)

We’ve all been there. There are some things around your home that you just cannot do yourself and you need to get in ‘the contractors’. Whether it’s something simple like fitting a new carpet, a new boiler or something much larger like major alterations and extensions to your home, these are things that are better handled by a ‘specialist’.

I have to admit, I’ve always been the sort of person who will attempt almost anything around the home, rather than have to find a reliable contractor and then pay them the ‘best price I can do, Guv’, but…

… After having Leukeamia 2 years ago and the ever advancement of age, plus my wife’s insistence that we should ‘get a man in’, means I cannot do as much as I used to, so I can relate to where Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, the author of today’s article is coming from.

We had new double-glazing fitted a few years back and a new boiler fitted a couple of years ago, and the number of people who come out with ‘you should have gone to this company or that company for your windows’ or ‘you could have paid less with such ‘n’ such a company’. It’s amazing how they never seem to mention this when you are doing your due deligence before appointing a contractor to do the work. It’s always after the event.

And as Dr Lant says, when you have contractors in your home doing work, you have to keep an eye on them every minute of the day, because if you don’t, it’s guaranteed that something will get knocked over or scratched, or worse still an fitting is installed in the most stupidest of places. We had this with the new boiler, part of the installation was a magnetic ‘gunge’ trap to collect all the muck that accumulates over time in your central heating system. The installation engineer decided the best place to put this was in full view on top of the boiler in the kitchen. In case you haven’t seen one it’s basically a black and red 6″ tall 4″ diameter cylinder with warning labels stuck all over it, not the most attractive item. Needless to say, I insisted that he move it to a more suitable location, which he did after much cajoling.

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