‘We need a little Christmas.’ Why I’m working hard right this minute to make Christmas 2011 the best ever.

Today’s article by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, caused a little friction between him and I yesterday morning when he wrote it. I was the Worldprofit Live Business Centre Monitor on duty when he came to deliver the final reading, as is the normal practice each morning. The monitor on duty, delivers a final reading before the article is sent off to be published in the Worldprofit article directory for the day. Today’s article can be read here: Articles / Life / We need a little Christmas.

I happened to mention that I thought Christmas had become far too commercial and that I was surprised to find my local supermarket, clearing out shelves of normal, neccessary goods to start displaying christmas goods as early as the beginning of September this year.

In his article Dr Lant mentions that the Puritans have hoodwinked many into misreading christmas and blatantly decry the commercialism of christmas. Now I’m certainly not a puritan and I am not against christmas. I love it, although I have had periods in my life when I’ve hated it, during the years of separation and divorce from my first wife until meeting my second wife, for example. I missed my young children, as they were then, and felt a deep sense of loneliness at christmas time. I can really understand why christmas is a bad time for people living on their own.

I loved it when I was growing up and I love it now, but I hate the fact that you cannot go into a shop or supermarket as early as September and avoid shelves upon shelves of christmas paraphenalia, wrapping paper, cards, furry santa’s and snowmen, christmas themed gifts, etc. To make it worse, they always seem to clear shelves of goods you buy on a regular basis for all this ‘stuff’, so that you need to wander around row after row of shelves trying to find the everyday purchases. It’s annoying and frustrating to say the least.

Not only that, TV commercials have also started advertising the latest ‘must-have’ toy for christmas. All this serves to do, is turn children into greedy, selfish, commercial junkies, where they have to have everything they see. And with children changing their mind so often every time they see the latest gadget or toy, it makes them impossible to cope with. I feel sorry for the parents of these children you see screaming in supermarket aisles because they can’t get what they want. It’s also annoying and frustrating, when all you want to do is every day shopping and you have to dodge screaming kids!

I know that in this busy lifestyle that we all have now, we need to start shopping for christmas early, but September…. Come on !!!

It’s so easy to shop online and receive your purchases within a few days, so why start shopping in September.

I personally think that the beginning of November is plenty soon enough.

If you agree with me, or agree with Dr Lant, please leave a comment so I can share them with our other readers. Also my comments to Dr Lant about this article have prompted him to write a continuation about ‘The Grinches’ like me, so please return for the next thrilling installment on the christmas commercialism.

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