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I have had a number of Autoresponder accounts over the years, first with GetResponse and then with Aweber. I recently came across TrafficWave after seeing numerous online ads for the TrafficWave Income Opportunity. At first I just thought this was another money making scheme, similar to those I’ve tried in the past and failed to make any money.

Signing up for the Traffic Exchange (TE) Profits FREE Report, I was presented with TrafficWave in their Start Here section, where they provide an autoresponder series for TrafficWave to use the free report to build a list. Investigating further I decided to join TrafficWave and use them as an autoresponder, originally with the intention of dumping Aweber, which is an excellent service but far too expensive as your list grows. Unfortunately some of the other programs I run online require Aweber so I’m stuck with it for now.

Anyway, my Sponsor into TrafficWave was a member of Team Atlantis, one of those teams I’d seen ads for and rejected for a long time and so I’ve also joined Team Atlantis, to help build my TrafficWave Affiliate Team.

The TrafficWave Affiliate Plan is known for it’s excellent income potential and you can visit the Team Atlantis page here. Please DO NOT join from that page otherwise you will not be placed in my team, Join TrafficWave using this link or click on one of the banners below, Thanks.

I’ll be adding more pages here with helpful advice for my team members as time progresses, so please make sure to bookmark and return. AutoResponders

Join TrafficWave and Team Atlantis Today and we will help you succeed.

P.S. If you’ve never succeeded before, you know you need to join TrafficWave and Team Atlantis Now.

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