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This post is a day later than I wanted to write it as I’ve been very busy setting up a Traffic Generation system, which is designed to generate more traffic to my websites and build my list on autopilot. This is the one major area where I’ve struggled to build my online business.

The problems I’ve found, are that you don’t want to spend all day surfing to add a few credits to your Traffic exchange accounts – well I don’t anyway and you need to join and surf so many, to make it worthwhile anyway. So I’ve been looking at the latest technique of Viral Marketing or in particular Viral Traffic Generation and I’ve joined the Free VitalViral downline builder operated by Troy Wray .

This is an excellent traffic generation tool as you only need to promote VitalViral . Once you get inside the members area, you enter your username/ID for another 20+ tools (Traffic Exchanges, Downline Builders etc.), then when anyone joins VitalViral in your downline they are encouraged to also join those programs, all of which offer a Free membership. When they do, you usually get bonus credits, which helps to build your available credits for you to advertise your websites. I went mad and joined all of them and took the paid membership on around 8 of them, depending on the cost or OTO. But this is not a requirement, you could stay with the Free memberships and do loads of surfing, if you’re that way inclined. I’m definately NOT! but I will continue to surf until the system is up to speed and will probably continue to surf a little after that, when I’m bored!

So if you are looking to get more traffic to your websites or blogs, I’d recommend VitalViral as a good starting point. You don’t need to go mad like I did and join everything, besides as I’ve found it takes too long to set them all up anyway. Join a few to start with, which is what Troy suggests and run it. Once it starts to build your downlines, then join a few more. When I start seeing some ROI on my investments, I may well upgrade in some of the others to get the full benefit.

I’ve put a couple of Free reports and a Free Traffic tool together for anyone who joins through my link, so feel free to check it out. I’m also looking at other Traffic Generation tools so watch out for details in later posts.

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