To Email or Not To Email . . . Promote or Not Promote?

email-envelopeFor my post this afternoon I thought I’d open up this post to the floor and request some feedback.

You see, although I’ve been working and marketing online for quite a few years, with varied success, one of the issues I’ve faced and I’m sure many other people have faced is whether to email or not to email.

More precisely, whether to promote or not to promote. And to be even more precise – promotions every day, promotions every few days or promotions interspersed with content every now and then.

In the last few months, I’ve come across all three methods for promoting products, all from successful marketers, all of which are internet millionaires;

Method 1 – I recently had an autoresponder sequence setup for me for a range of affiliate products.

The reason being that I wanted everything setup quickly for the complete range of products this marketer was selling.

He provided all the content and setup a single autoresponder series for all four products in a sequence sending out a promotional email every 2 days. Product 1 had 3 mesaages, Product 2 – 6, Product 3 – 6 and Product 4 – 3.

This is the traditional method most people do or did in the past.

Method 2 – I haven’t implemented this method yet but started changing the first series setup above to match this sequence.

This method employs a short Welcome series of 3-4 emails, followed by weekly promotions consisting of a mix of promotional and content emails.

Each product has a Lead magnet to encourage sign-up, followed by a sales funnel leading to a more expensive/value product. Each product has it’s own separate list to ensure prospects are not oversold to.

This method is designed to build relationships with prospects before hitting them with the hard sell

Method 3 – I’ve implemented this method over the last week for the Commission Machine promotion I’ve been running.

This method involves sending only promotional emails 7 days each week for a different product each week, sometimes with multiple emails sent towards the end of the week to generate scarcity and buyer excitement.

It is recommended to run Monday to Sunday, so that buyers will see the most promotional emails at the weekend when they are most likely to buy.

This method is marketed as being the whole purpose of marketing online, which is to sell products.So just keep promoting!

Each method in my mind has its Pros and Cons.

I’ve purposely not included sales for each method as the number of prospects was not the same for those I’ve tried.

I would like to know what other people think, so please leave comments with your thoughts.

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