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I’ve not been updating this blog for quite some time and there’s a very good reason for that.

First of all I had to put my online businesses on hold and go back to a normal job, as I needed to earn more money. Unfortunately the online business was not really bringing in enough to support my family properly. So I went back out to work, but I had intended keeping the online stuff ticking over as best I could. With less time to work on them, that really didn’t work as I was far too tired to keep on top of everything that needed to be done, so I let things online slip.

The problems were compounded when I was diagnosed with Leukaemia in May 2009, which put me into hospital for 6 months for chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants. I’ve been in full remission since the end of 2009 and and am now into long term recovery, which can take from two years upwards, depending on my general state of health, which is good at the moment. Luckily, as I originally worked for myself, I had critical illness insurance which has kept the family solvent and will do so for some time yet. During 2010 I found that my energy levels were very low and have not been able to really concentrate and get on with any real work. Having a critical illness is certainly a life changing event and whilst I know I do not want to go back out to work, I was not really sure what I wanted to do.

I have already started to evolve my interest in Photography into a new business venture, by training as Portrait and Studio Photographer and have invested in studio lighting to start a small commercial studio at home. My other interests involve Model Making and Woodworking, so I am also looking at starting some form of business in this area as well, maybe selling specialist wooden items and making wooden beads for my wifes’ Jewellery business.

But as I had already started the online business, I have decided to restart this with a more focused attitude.  In particular I have become more involved in one of the programs I joined in 2008 and have started to actively promote it.

This is Strong Future International or SFI as it is more commonly known. This is an affiliate program which pays out commissions based on sales from their own online store known as TripleClicks.  The opportunity is not a quick income scheme but a long term retirement plan. It can be worked in a number of ways,

1. by building a team of other Affiliates in your own team, on which you earn commissions on their sales and team building activities,

2. by promoting the TripleClicks opportunity, which means getting other people to sign up as a customer of TripleClicks, so that when they purchase items you earn a commission

3. by selling items on the TripleClicks website, these can be New or Unwanted items that you already own. To sell New items you need to set yourself up with your own store on TripleClicks, known as E-Commerce Associates or ECA’s.

I’m actually doing all three options andI have setup a new company as an ECA and have already sold more via my TripleClicks Store than I ever did before.

To find out more about SFI, you can sign up here. FREE SFI Signup. Once you sign up you will gain full access to the Affiliate center, where you can learn all about the opportunities available. They do not do any hard sell and if you decide it is not for you simply opt out.

Alternatively, you could checkout the TripleClicks website and see if there is anything you might like to purchase. TripleClicks

I’d also like to direct you to my own ECA page and products on TripleClicks at The Mindset Paradigm,  At present I only have a small number of products but will be adding more as time goes on.

Anyway, Thanks for reading my blog, hopefully I will be able to keep this updated more frequently now.

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