Those magnificent men in their flying machines to fly no more…. as NASA’s shuttle program ends and an era with it.

NASA’s shuttle program ends and an era with it.

I was born in 1959 and missed the start of the Space Program when the USSR launched the world’s first artificial satellite Sputnik I.

But as I grew up, I was just at the right age to remember sitting up with my Father as a young boy, between 1966 and 1972, aged 7 to 13, both of us equally engrossed and excited, sometimes into the very early hours of the morning, here in the UK, watching each Apollo mission, and then on through the first shuttle launch, in February 15, 1977 and each launch and tragedy since.

But now, thirty years and 133 missions later, NASA is to end the Shuttle program.

If you are of a similar age to me, then like me, you grew up with the Space program and if this tragic news spells the end of our exploration of Space, I for one will miss it greatly.

In Todays article Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, discusses a condensed history of the Space program from Sputnik until now. Read the full article here: Articles / General Interest / Those Magnificent Men…

After you have read this article, I’d like to direct to another article about the Space Era that Dr Lant wrote on 18th April to celebrate the 86th birthday of one of Worldprofit’s honored members and Apollo Test Pilots, Wallace Johnson. Articles / Interesting People / Wallace Johnson – Apollo Test Pilot – 86 Today

This article had a significant affect on me personally as you can see by reading my comment on that article.

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