This person spent 3 years on the crapper…

Can you believe it?
They looked back at the end of their life and counted up all the hours they’d spent doing different things.
1 year scrolling thru the Facebook newsfeed.
2 years staring out of the window wondering what might have been
3 years spent on the toilet
Who is this person?
Yes – it’s a fact. Every one of us spends an average of 3 years of our lives on the toilet.
Crazy “shizzle” right?
Makes you think about all the other things you might be doing which are flushing your time and money down the drain.
Seize the day.
This is not an exercise.
Either you want to be successful and make lots of money online or you don’t.
If you do then I can hand on heart say this is the very best opportunity available to you right now (and you won’t be flushing your money away);

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My name is Graham Lee and I am the owner of 'Thoughts On Internet Marketing', as well as other websites Marketing Information Products, Ebooks and Software for Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I've been involved in Internet Marketing for about 5 Years on a part-time basis, whilst holding down a full-time job. I now work more online but also have a number of offline businesses in Photography and Woodworking.

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