These Landing Page Mistakes will cost you sales! Know them. Avoid them!

These Landing Page Mistakes will cost you sales!

I’ve gone back to the Internet Marketing theme for todays article post and I’m pleased to be able to post an article by Sandi Hunter, Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc.

In today’s article Sandi talks about Landing pages, also known as Squeeze pages or Capture pages. These are one of the principle tools most Internet Marketers use to get you onto their mailing lists or newsletters.If you are sending your visitors to your main website home page and not to a Landing page you are letting visitors get away.

But if not done correctly, you may still be letting your visitors get away. In her article Sandi, explains how to make sure this does not happen.

To read the complete article click on this link: Articles / Internet Marketing / Landing Page Mistakes

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Sandi Hunter has written a number of articles which can be found in the Worldprofit Article collection found here: Dr Jeffrey Lant Articles, many of which I have been able to publish on this blog.

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