The hemorrhage at the U.S. Postal Service gets worse. Face it, the time for massive overhaul at this venerable institution is nigh.

~ Benjamin Franklin ~ * ~ George Washington ~ The First U.S. Postage Stamps Issued 1847

The title of Today’s article by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, could very easily read:

‘The hemorrhage at the Royal Mail gets worse. Face it, the time for massive overhaul at this venerable institution is nigh.’

The UK postal service, ‘Royal Mail’, is also in a similarly poor state. The postal service was started in 1516 by Henry VIII, but only became available to the public in 1635, when Charles I started the ‘Royal Mail’ service. In 1969 it became simply the ‘Post Office’ and encompassed the Postal Service , British Telecom and Girobank.

By 2008 the amount of mail being delivered had fallen dramatically, very much in line with the USPS and other services around the world.

As Dr Lant mentions in his article, ‘The “culprits” are things we see and use every single day: the Internet, email, skype, text messaging and every other communications convenience we have all come to use daily.’

Our governments answer is to allow up to 90% of Royal Mail to be privatised with at least 10% of shares being held by Royal Mail employees. Post Office Ltd will be separated from Royal Mail and will remain in public ownership or possibly be mutualised. The government will also take over the historic pension scheme liabilities of Royal Mail. (Wikipedia®).

So it looks like the UK Postal Service is to get a useful helping hand, but what of the US Postal Service?

To read what Dr Lant thinks, see the complete article here: Articles / General Interest / The Hemorrhage at the U.S. Postal Service Gets Worse.

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