The Good Humor Man, a tale of hot summers long ago.

The article I’ve published today is a classic reminder of summer from when I was young. The sound of the Mr Whippy Ice Cream Van jingle would be a call to all the kids in our street to run in the house and ask for some money for an ice cream and then patiently stand in the queue waiting to spend all that we had. As a special treat on a Sunday, we would have a special ice cream sundae, with fruit and raspberry sauce, again from the Mr Whippy van, after dinner.

I checked online today to see what happened to them, and Mr Whippy seems to be still going, but you very rarely see the vans now or hear the jingle, which is such a shame. I certainly miss the wonderful soft ice cream and the sugar cones. The harder type of ice cream you can get today, may have a very tasty range of flavours but the texture is not quite the same somehow, although the ice cream is delicious.

Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, obviously also had similar experiences in the US with their own brand of ice cream, as he describes in his article for today. To read the complete article, click on this link: Articles / General Interest / The Good Humor Man

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