The fish that ate Chicago. A true story of the invasive carp that won’t quit.

Here is another story of Man’s incessant need to tamper with nature, only to find they cannot control what they started.

I keep Koi Carp, another imported species, and here in the UK there are strict rules about what you must not do with this magnificent fish. One of those is ‘Do not let them loose in the wild’. It’s common sense really, but how many times do we read of species that have been imported into an area, either for pleasure or to control some unwanted ecological problem, that have subsequently been released, when they are no longer a novelty or are allowed to escape. One thing that really annoys me is when I hear that some environmental or animal welfare group has released animals back into the wild, because ‘it’s cruel to keep them locked up’. Yes it is cruel and should not happen, but it’s more cruel to release them into a wild environment where native species are then devastated to extinction.

Here in the UK we have many native species struggling to survive under such circumstances, The Red Squirrel, The British Ladybird, The British Bluebell, to name but a few. All of whom are threatened by alien invaders from another country.

Sometimes, almost every time if truth be told, introduced species escape and cause such devastation, as is the case in this article by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit. The fact of the matter remains, if man was to stop tampering with the natural way things are in the natural world, then this sort of incident would not be an issue. Many introduced species were introduced to solve some ecological problem as I’ve already mentioned, but unfortunately, many of the cases we read about today were started way back when we did not fully understand the impact these actions would have. Now of course it’s too late.

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