The Easiest Way to Create Articles – Public Domain!

If you struggle to write enough articles, or even any articles, for your website or blog, then today’s article is just for you.

Public Domain has been around for many years but unfortunately most people do not understand what it means. If they do, they usually understand it to mean objects, mainly books and illustrations, that were originally written or drawn before the last century and are no longer covered by any copyright. In many instances they would be correct, but public domain can also include anything written by an author who decides to make his or her works available to anyone who wants to use them, in any way they wish. When this happens, the author can place their work in the public domain, to make people aware that it is available to use.

Read today’s article to find out more about public domain articles and how you can use them for your blog or website content, here: Articles / Internet Marketing / The Easiest Way to Create Articles – Public Domain!

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If  you are one of those people who struggle to write articles for your websites or blogs, and even writing articles developed using public domain articles is something that doesn’t appeal to you, there are almost 400 articles written already and available for you to use in the Worldprofit article directory here: Dr Jeffrey Lant Articles.

You will be granted permission to use them when you become a Worldprofit Silver or Platinum Dealer. To find out more we encourage you to visit the Worldprofit pages on this website or visit my Worldprofit website at The Income Zone.

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