Jun 222017


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May 092017

Can you answer a quick question for me?

What’s the biggest problem (or problems) you’re having with your business right now?

You can reply to this post with your answer.

Your answer will help me know what type of products and services (paid and free) my readers need and want.

Doesn’t matter what it is, providing it’s in the online marketing area – affiliate marketing, traffic generation, product creation, whatever…

Reply to this post and I’ll read them all and deliver relevant content


Apr 272017

Apr 232017
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Apr 232017
What a knob.
This drunk dude thought he could take on a bouncer.
Little did he know the bouncer was also a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.
One knocked-out drunk dude.
You see it all the time in internet marketing;
Newbies who are drunk with dreams and delusions of their own grandeur try taking on gurus at their own game and they get owned.
Making money online is a fight.
And if you’re not properly trained, or don’t have the necessary fighting experience you’re gonna hit the deck quicker than a lady of the night’s drawers.
So here be the solution;
Let me introduce you to someone who will fight your battles for you.
He’s been fighting away (and winning) in internet marketing since 2000.
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