An appreciation of Holly Hickler, master teacher, poet, her love affair with words, dead at 88.

Today’s article by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, relates the life of Holly Hickler, a writer and poet, who knew how to craft words and how to teach them effectively. She understood children and expected high standards from them, but always treat them with kindness and empathy. She seemed to understand tee-agers very well and

Jacqueline Kennedy’s tapes (1964)…. and my afternoon with Mrs. Onassis (1977).

The release of Jacqueline Kennedy’s Tapes has been met by many people with bad reactions. This is not the Jackie Kennedy we thought we knew. This First Lady who seemed to be quietly getting on with her dutiful role as wife of the president of the United States. In public, she  was known by all,

5 telltale signs you’re not really interested in business success… you just like talking about it.

Today’s article is about Self Improvement, in particular about the things you need to be doing to be more successful in your business. Although the title indicates the signs you have which show you’re not interested in success, the actual article lists the 5 things successful people actually do to be successful. Dr Jeffrey Lant,

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