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Nov 052011

Today’s article by Sandi Hunter, Director of  Website Development at Worldprofit Inc. is a very simple one. She is always being asked about the best books to read by budding Entrepreneurs and those trying to start a business. As a Director in Worldprofit, a successful company in Canada with over 18 years history, I think she is fully qualified to answer those questions, and so today she has listed some of the most read books in her library.

I know I have some of these books in my library and have read others. I’d like to add the following books I have enjoyed reading.

Stephen Covey books are always excellent, so along with ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ that is on Sandi’s list, I’d recommend the following:

  • Living The 7 Habits – The Courage To Change by Stephen R Covey
  • The 8th Habit – From Effectiveness to Greatness by Stephen R Covey

These 2 books take the process that extra step.

  • A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi
  • The Home Business Revolution’s Greatest Entrepreneurs (Volumes 1 & 2) by Various Authors – Both available from SFI / TripleClicks
  • Future Wealth by Stan Davis & Christopher Meyer
  • The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard
  • Conversations With Millionaires by Mike Litman & Jason Oman
  • How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis
  • New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

Then of course there are the usual older titles, such as:

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • The Master Key System by Charles F Haanel
  • The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
  • As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

These last four should be in any budding entrepreneurs library and should be well read. They may be a little old fashioned but are the source of so much wisdom and business thinking that fits the modern age we now live in.

Anyway, I could go on to list many more inspirational books I own and have read but I digress. To find out what is on Sandi’s book list, read the article here: Articles / Self Improvement / 21 Recommended Books for Entrepreneurs

Once you’ve read the article we would really like to hear your thoughts and would welcome your comments to share with our other readers.

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Sep 182011

Today’s article is about Self Improvement, in particular about the things you need to be doing to be more successful in your business.

Although the title indicates the signs you have which show you’re not interested in success, the actual article lists the 5 things successful people actually do to be successful.

Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, uses the achievements of US President Harry S Truman, a man of “immense determination” as an example for you to follow, if you truly want to be successful.

You can read the complete article here: Articles / Self Improvement / 5 Telltale Signs You’re Not Really Interested in Business Success

Please remember to leave us a comment if you enjoy the article. We welcome your comments and will share them with our other readers.

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Jun 062008


Let me ask you a question: How many emails can you get for the same product ?

Hundreds seems to be the nearest answer.

I don’t know about you but I must have had at least 50 emails about Mike Filsaimes ‘7 Figure Secrets ‘ package which you can get for Free. You only pay for the shipping and handling costs. I was also getting the pre-launch emails as well and signed up with someone to get the advance notification of the release date. But to be honest, I’ve received so many emails about it, by the time it was released I’d forgotten who I’d originally signed up with and ended up going to Mike direct to order it.

And that got me thinking, Why would you even want to promote a product, especially through pre-launch, if you are not going to get your rightful benefit by getting the eventual order?

I like Mikes’ stuff and I’ve bought into plenty of his products before, and this one seems to be no exception, so why not go and have a look at this now and get your free copy. I haven’t had time to review the product yet but will add a post later once I have.

7 Figure Secrets

I’ve started doing the same thing with many of the ‘big dogs’ products lately, ie. going to the source to order them because I haven’t got the time or the inclination to wade through all the special offers put together by the other ‘big dogs’ promoting it. I’m probably losing out on some really exceptional deal but in my opinion all this incestuous promoting is getting out of hand. I also think it is diluting what are very good products because many people get turned off by all the promotions and simply don’t order. So the real people who these products are designed to help, simply don’t get the benefit.

I think it’s about time anyone marketing online started looking at who is actually buying their products and change their strategies to help those who they profess they want to help.

Another product I’ve also purchased recently is one which has not been promoted quite as much and that is Automatic Income System from Micheal Cheney. Again I’ve not had time to set this up yet but I’ve also purchased many of Michaels’ products and can recommend them as good solid earning programs.

With the Automatic Income System Michael is providing you with 4 ready made websites and full instructions on how to set them up and start earning income very quickly. The four websites are for excellent products and the instructions also include further instructions on setting up a blog to make sure you get traffic to them.

There is a catch however… Michael is only selling a certain number of these packages and will be pulling the offer at 9PM EST on Wednesday 11th June 2008

So if you want to get one of the limited supplies, you need to act quickly and get one now

Automatic Income System

Once I have the websites setup I’ll provide more detailed reviews of the products each offers in a later posts.

Both these offers demonstrate two very different tactics to getting sales, 1) Flood the market with pre-launch emails and get prospects to signup for launch announcements and 2) Keep it low key but use a sense of urgency to ensure sales. They both obviously work as both offers have come from established and recognised online marketers.

Until the next time

Graham Lee

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