Apr 042008

I’ve added some reviews on the Traffic Reviews page shown above.

Now that I have started doing this, I’ve realised it will take much longer than I originally expected so please don’t expect much at this stage. I’ll continually update as time goes on.

Today I’ve added sub-pages for VitalViral, List Bandit and ListJoe. I’ve also added details about those, plus the following in;

  • VitalViral – I Love Hits, DragoSurf, TrafficSwarm, Top Surfer, Fast Easy Traffic and HitSafari

I’ve also been thinking about how best to do this, as many of the Traffic Exchanges I’m using the most did not come from any of the Downline Builders I’ve already listed, so I may change the format of the main Traffic Reviews page eventually. I think a simple table of all the Traffic Exchanges I use may be a little better with links to the Traffic Exchange pages themselves.

I’ve got a busy weekend coming up, as I’m attending a Business Management Training Seminar in the UK, so it may be a few days before I post again.

Until next time

Graham Lee

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