Summertime is over… and your lax summertime business habits should be over, too. Make sure they are!

End of the Summer

End of the Summer by Hilger

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Today’s article by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, follows on from the article published on 4 September about getting your staff to pick up their game after the summer break, found here: Articles / General Business / What your customers are saying about YOU!

In today’s article Dr Lant talks about what YOU need to do to get you and your business back into the right mode to take full advantage of the final, fourth quarter of the year.

You need to be doing the following: Adjusting your offers, Increasing your product line, Improving your follow-up, Get organised, Get your workspace organised and Set some goals. Without looking at these crucial tasks now you will miss the start of the best sales season of the year and miss out on those crucial sales.

To read the complete article go to this page: Articles / General Business / Summertime is Over…

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