Strippers have rights, too, so sayeth a Massachusetts superior court judge. It’s about time!

Sally Rand

Today’s article will be controversial to some and welcomed by others, depending on your moral and probably religious leanings.

If you are for strippers or exotic dancers then this ruling, as Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, says in the title, is ‘about time’. Whilst this type of entertainment does have a seedier side to it, the women… and men, who do it are still human and are using what God gave them in a way they enjoy. They do not deserve the ridicule and persecution they recieve from the anti establishment.

And if you are from the anti-strippers side of the fence, this type of dancing has been around for thousands of years so you better just get used to it.

Like I say to people who complian about sex and violence on television, ‘If you don’t like watching it, you can always switch the channel or turn the TV off’, the same applies, if you don’t like it, don’t go to watch it. Simple as that!

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