Sir William Walton and the sound of royalty.

Sir William Walton and the sound of royalty.

Not many people will have taken much notice of the music and who composed it, for the wedding march of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they walked down the aisle together after their wedding a few weeks ago.

The music was one we all know but I think we probably just listen to and like or dislike. The music was composed by Sir William Walton, a celebrated composer who wrote many pieces for the Royal Family, which earned him a Knighthood and also wrote music in several classical genres and styles, from film scores to opera.

One of those film scores is mentioned by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, in his latest article published here: Articles / Royal Family / Sir William Walton, the film was Henry V starring Sir Laurence Olivier’s and made in 1944. As suggested by Dr Lant, I have included a link to the music from the ‘Battle of Agincourt’ scene in the film, as well as links to the ‘Crown Imperial March’ and the ‘Orb and Sceptre March’. I’m not an officianardo of classical music, but I do enjoy certain pieces, including some from Sir William Walton.

I invite you to click on the link above to read the complete article,not forgetting to choose your favourite piece of Sir William Walton music to listen long with. When you have read the article, please leave a comment, so we can share them with all our readers.

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