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Please Note: All SFI related pages are currently under review to update them with the latest updates from SFI. Please return soon. Thanks

Welcome to my SFI Training pages. These pages are primarily provided for my own Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSA), Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSA) and members of my SFI marketing team, but are also open to anyone who may already be an SFI Affiliate or those who may be interested in the SFI Business Opportunity.

You are probably here because you were invited by me in your Welcome email as you are a New Affiliate who has either been assigned to my downline from one of the Advertising Co-ops I use or who has joined SFI as a result of my own advertising.

If you have landed here from a search page or other site, and have not yet joined SFI and wish to do so, You can join using this link. Click Here to Join SFI.

Joining is a simple process and you can immediately benefit from the information found on the SFI Affiliate Center website after you have confirmed your registration. By joining through the link above you will be placed in my downline and I will help you to become successful in SFI.

There is only one thing I ask of you and all Affiliates who come to this website, You MUST be Active in SFI to get any benefit from it, so please do not expect to get something for nothing from SFI – Nothing Happens Without Action.

About Me

I joined SFI in January 2008 and have been an Executive Affiliate from Day One. I have also been involved in Internet Marketing since then with a little success along the way. Unfortunately due to other commitments and illness, my early years with SFI were not very productive because I did not do the one thing I have asked you to do, I was not active in SFI and therefore got very little out of. This is why I ask you to be active, it is only since I became more active around October 2010 that I have seen any real results with SFI.

As part of that renewed activity I have decided to create these training pages and try to answer any questions my new affiliates may ask of me. So if you have a question, please come here first before sending me an email, as the answer may already be here and you will probably find an answer more quickly.

You may be asking, Why would I create more pages about Training with SFI, when SFI already provide a huge amount of information on the Affiliate website.

There are a number of reasons for this,

1.    The success of my SFI business relies on me building a successful team of Affiliates under me and to do this I need to keep in regular contact with them. SFI impose certain restrictions on what you are able to mail to your Affiliates using their internal SFI Mailer system, so a website is the easiest way to communicate with you.
2.    The SFI website can be quite daunting to new Affiliates as there is so much information on it. To help those affiliates and others get the most out of SFI, these pages will extract only the most relevant information to get you started. Once you’ve started and are comfortable with what you need to do, then I suggest that you go and have a deeper look around the SFI website, there is a wealth of useful information you can benefit from.
3.    On this website I can give you information about what I have been doing to market and promote SFI and TripleClicks, information I am not able to include in the SFI Mailer.

You must remember that SFI is a business, not a ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’. It will take work, time and effort to be successful and may take a great deal of all three before you see the rewards of all your hard work. Do not be discouraged but remember that it will require long-term commitment from you to build it successfully. I will try to help you as much as I can along the way but if you do nothing, you will not get the results you expect. Also, You can remain in SFI forever and it will cost you nothing, it is completely Free. All you need to do is Remain Active.

If you are not active in SFI, eventually you will be deleted from their database. This is done to ensure that only people who really want to make a difference in their lives and are prepared to work at it remain Affiliates. The criteria to remain active is not that difficult, although you should be doing a lot more if you want to earn a decent income from it.

Please note: The following information has changed. I will be updating this page shortly, so please come back soon.

The criteria is – Accumulate at least 500 VersaPoints in a 90 day period. You can achieve this by doing the following:

Login every day and check just four webpages: There are now nine tabs to check, plus a Daily Draw page.

  1. The Alerts page – this is where you are start when you login
  2. Your Scoreboard – this is where you can check on your progress for the month
  3. Your Home page – this contains information about what you need to do and who in your team is most active. In particular the To Do List tab, will tell you what you need to do and where you have earned VersaPoints for the month so far
  4. TripleClicks Latest Items page – this is one of the items on your To Do list. By checking the latest items on TripleClicks, you may just see something you wish to buy or think you could successfully promote to other people.

The first 3 steps can be found by clicking the appropriate button at the top right of the Alerts page when you login. The TripleClicks link is the 4th item on your To Do List. By completing the above steps you will earn 6 VP each day, so in the shortest month, February, you can still earn at least 168 VP, which is enough to get 500 in 90 days, (168 x 3 = 504VP), but you should be doing more if possible. The minimum total VP per day is now 10 VP.

You MUST do this every day.

Important: Every month SFI inform me of those Affiliates who are in danger of having their account deleted because they have not been active or active enough in the previous 90 days. Inactive Affiliates will also receive a number of reminders from SFI reminding them that their account is going to be deleted by SFI. As your Sponsor, I am given the opportunity to extend those Affiliates in my team if I wish to do so.

Note: I have a strict policy regarding this – If you have been active in the previous 90 days but have not made the 500 VP required, I will extend you, but if you have not even logged in for 90 days, I will simply let you drop out of SFI. I would rather not see that happen but as it is a continuous process to keep promoting and recruiting Affiliates, I would rather work with those who are willing to work with me and at least try to be active by logging in every day, or as much as possible.

So I think it’s about time I started with the training, so please go to the next page – Introduction to SFI Training

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