Introduction to SFI Training

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Before we get into the training proper, I would like to remind you of a few key points.

As with any business, whether online or offline, Without Sales You Earn Nothing – Zero. You MUST generate sales to be able to earn a profit from those sales. SFI is no different in that respect. The more Sales you generate from TripleClicks, the more Commission you will earn from those Sales.

With that in mind there are four basic steps to success in SFI. These can be found on the second Tab of your Home page but to reiterate them I have summarised them below.

SFI Basics

1. Refer TripleClicks Members

TripleClick (TC) Members are your lifeblood to earning from SFI because they are potential customers who you will earn from when they buy something. The more TC Members you can refer to TC, the more potential sales you can generate.

Key Point: No Sales = No Commissions

The commissions you’ll generate when they make purchases can be big (up to 72% of CV (Commission Value)). And once you have signed them up under you as a TC Member, you will continue to earn commissions from them for years to come. Even if you are only active to the minimum Affiliate level as already discussed, you can still earn commissions from these customers, just not as much.

2. Sponsor Affiliates

Like the first step above, every Affiliate you sponsor can represent an ongoing income stream for you, because as their sponsor, you can earn a portion of everything they do and also on everything the multiple generations of Affiliates that develop below them do.

Sponsoring more active Affiliates will also earn you more VersaPoints which will help to grow your Rank within SFI. As your Rank increases, so does your commission level.

3. Duplicate

Steps 1 and 2 are the main steps to keep working on as you progress with SFI and may sound like the most important steps, but they are not because doing both does not stop there.

The whole point of sponsoring an Affiliate is to “duplicate yourself”. You are active in SFI and what you are looking for are other people who are going to do the same and be active. So this is THE most important step in the process of developing your business!

When you sign up a new affiliate, your goal is to see that they learn how to Refer TripleClicks members and Sponsor Affiliates like you (including this duplication step).

Maximize Your Earnings

The final step is to Maximise Your Earnings.

You may be thinking, What else can I do? I’m generating sales and I’m sponsoring Affiliates, so what else is there.

Ask yourself, Would I rather be earning 20%, 30%, 60% or more from all the effort I have put in to get those TC Customers? I’m sure the answer would be the higher percentages.

Key Point: To maximize your earnings, you need to be at least an EA (Executive Affiliate) every month.

As an EA, you’ll DOUBLE your Customer Commissions and DOUBLE your Affiliates Override Commissions! Being an EA also means you can add Executive Override Commissions, Co-Sponsor Override Commissions, and ECA Royalties to your commission check!

As an EA, you’ll also receive full and immediate access to all of SFI’s most powerful business tools, including: SFI Co-op Manager, Affiliate Re-assignment Manager, and unlimited, FREE group messaging to your entire Affiliate team! The combined value of the SFI “Power Tools” is well over $200 a month!

As an EA are you are also awarded FREE monthly TripleClicks TCredits, “quick-pay” commissions (commissions paid instantly to your TripleClicks MasterCard), access to WHOLESALE case prices, and more!

Bottom line: Make the most of your referring, sponsoring, and duplication efforts by qualifying for the maximum compensation. Being an EA every month is a MUST!

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  • malemnganba

    March 23, 2017 at 3:05 am Reply

    how can i sell the product i am still in zero about this buying and selling without any TCredits and money

    • Graham

      March 27, 2017 at 8:39 pm Reply

      To start all you need to do is choose some products from Tripleclicks and promote them to sell them.
      Don’t worry about selling any of your own products until you have learnt all you can about promoting.
      When you make sales you will then be able to purchase TCredits to allow you to put up your own products to sell

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