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I thought it would make things easier if I included the SFI LaunchPad™ Lessons Index on these pages. I’ve also added a short summary of what each particular lesson explains and any Additional VP you can get when you read the pages linked on some lessons.

You do not have to wait to collect these Additional VP until you reach the lesson, but this is helpful to make sure you have not missed any VP relating to the LaunchPad™ lesson. Make sure you click the Green VersaPoints “V” on the pages when shown.

Click on the Lesson title to be taken to that lesson on the SFI website. Note: You will need to login using your SFI Affiliate ID to receive the VersaPoints for each lesson or Task.

If you do not yet have an SFI Affiliate ID, you can register for a FREE SFI Affiliate account here: SFI Affiliate Sign-Up

Day Title

LaunchPad™ VP

Additional VP
Day 1 First Steps

Overview of the SFI Basics and all about VersaPoints.


200 – Whitelisting Email
10 – SFI Benefits Chart
Day 2 Who ARE These Guys?

Background to SFI.


20 – About SFI
10 – Global Growth Report
Day 3 Are You On The “Anti-Wealth Plan”?

How to change your thinking and start to earn a real long term income.


Day 4 Marketing = Money

How to Refer and Sponsor and the Tools SFI give you to help you.


Day 5 Borderless Is Beautiful!

Overview of SFI’s Global each and Market share


Day 6 Central To Your Success

Using the Affiliate Center as your best resource to success


10 – Income Index
10 – Training Index
10 – Reference Index
Day 7 Getting On The Fast Track

Joining the Fast Track Club can get you CSA’s (Co-Sponsored Affiliates), 1000 VP, 10 TCredits and 50 MRP (Membership Reward Points) to spend in TC.


20 – SFI Compensation Plan
10 – Glossary
100 – Join TC Booster Club

Day 8 Hello, TripleClicks!

Introduction to TripleClicks, Getting Sales, Selling Your Own Stuff, and the ECA (E-Commerce Associates) program.


Day 9 Stay Alert & Keep On Track

Tracking your progress and making sure you are doing everything right.


10 – My Account Index
Day 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Have a break and review everything you’ve learnt so far and where to go if you have more questions.


50 – Getting Started FAQ
Day 11 Overnight Success…NOT!

Having Realistic Goals based on a slow steady build program rather than a sprint.


Day 12 Your Profile, Please

Making sure you complete your Affiliate Profile.


100 – Completing Affiliate Profile
Day 13 Help!!

Knowing where to find Help and Advice when you get stuck.


50 – Sending SFI Commitment to Sponsor50 – Registering as an a2a Member
Day 14 YOUR Store

Getting to know your TripleClicks store and why using it will benefit you.


Day 15 How To Share In SFI’s Growth

The Benefits of CSA’s (Co-Sponsored Affiliates).


Day 16 The Big Funnel

Referring and Sponsoring as many people as possible to weed out the few who will make it


Day 17 Communication Is HUGE

Communication is the key to your success


50 – Entering Personal Welcome Message
Day 18 Put A Face On Your Business

Communication means letting people know who you are.


30 – Uploading Your Photo
Day 19 How Much Can I Make?

Depends on how hard you work and convert your prospects.


Day 20 Getting Smarter Every Day

Using two more very important parts of the SFI Affiliate Center to increase your learning and success.


30 – Follow SFI on Twitter
Day 21 Gaining With Training

Using the additional training provided in the Training Center.


Day 22 Ask Gery

Learning from Gery to increase your success.


Day 23 The SFI Forum

Getting Help and Advice from your Fellow Affiliates.


Day 24 Introducing…a2a

Getting more Help and Advice from your Fellow Affiliates Locally.


Day 25 E-Cards

Using the power of Business Cards to grow your business.


Day 26 Reach For The Sky!

Maximising your income by reaching for higher Ranks to increase your commissions.


Day 27 Getting Paid The Easy Way

How to get paid quickly and easily using one of the many ways SFI gives you.


Day 28 SFI Rules Of Success

More Help and Advice from Gery and other Successful and Famous Business icons through history.


Day 29 Setting Up A Standing Order

Getting the most out of your Affiliateship by maintaining Executive Affiliate and Booster Club status


10 – Setting Up a Standing Order
Day 30 Now The Real Fun Starts!

Putting everything into practice towards your success.


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