Publishing Dragon

As part of my SFI and TripleClicks membership, I have also started up a TripleClicks online store, known as an ECA (ECommerce Associate) Store.

Publishing Dragon on TripleClicks

This store is hosted on the TripleClicks network and allows me to sell all the thousands of resell products I’ve accumulated over my years involved in marketing online, that I would have originally placed on my Respond2Net website.

As those of you who have followed this blog for a while before 2009 will know, I no longer use PayPal and having a store on the TripleClicks network means that any sales generated will be processed through their payment processing facilities. It also means that my products will get more exposure to the many thousands of TripleClicks customers, a figure that is growing daily – A ready made source of potential customers – all I need to do is add products to my store to increase the potential for more sales. Also whenever I sell a product on TripleClicks, any customers are potential customers for my other websites.

In addition I have also setup a physical website at Publishing Dragon to promote the same products. This website offers 2Checkout and AlertPay in addition to TripleClicks as payment options so that I can offer my customers a choice of how they wish to pay. My view is that the more opportunities I have to sell stuff on the Internet the better. Eventually I hope to include some form of membership into this website to give my customers even more value.

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