The Mindset Paradigm (formerly Publishing Dragon)

As part of my SFI and TripleClicks membership, I have also started up a TripleClicks online store, known as an ECA (ECommerce Associate) Store.

The Mindset Paradigm on TripleClicks

Note: Due to changes made by TripleClicks on the types of products ECAs are allowed to sell, I have changed the Name of my ECA store from Publishing Dragon to The Mindset Paradigm. The URL is still the same as I am unable to change the store url within the TripleClicks network infrastructure

This store is hosted on the TripleClicks network and includes products designed around the Mindset and Law of Attraction niche.

By having a store on the TripleClicks network means that any sales generated will be processed through their payment processing facilities. It also means that my products will get more exposure to the many thousands of TripleClicks customers, a figure that is growing daily – A ready made source of potential customers – all I need to do is add products to my store to increase the potential for more sales. Also whenever I sell a product on TripleClicks, any customers are potential customers for my other websites.


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