May 012011

Ayrton Senna – March 21st 1960 – May 1st 1994 – Lest We All Forget


Today the 1st of May is a day of celebration, the start of Summer, but for many it is also a day of sadness and reflection, for today is the 17th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest drivers Formula One has ever seen, 3 times World Champion – Ayrton Senna.

Just 7 laps into a race which happened on one of the worst weekends the sport had ever seen, Ayrton Senna lost control of his Williams F1 Racing car and crashed into a concrete wall at the Imola circuit in Italy. He died later that day.

As a long time Motor Racing fan, even back then in 1994, I was deeply affected by his death, the first in the sport for 12 years.

I’ve written an article in remembrance of this great racing driver which can be read in full here: Articles / Interesting People / Saudade – Lest We All Forget…

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