Safelist Advertising: What it is and how to get the best possible results.

Another great article from Sandi Hunter, Director of  Website Development at Worldprofit Inc. for Today’

I use Safelists all the time for most of my advertising and find them very effective. Not only that but if you get organised and get a system going, you can do your advertising in a very short time.

I have a routine everyday that starts with me getting up around 6am. My ISP limits my web access between peak hours of 8am to midnight to reasonable levels, so I need to make as much use of the ‘free’ time between midnight and 8am, so I do my surfing for credits from 6am to 8am, every morning. Surfing for credits is by far the most internet hungry activity you can do, so unless you have unlimited internet, be very careful with your time. ISP’s, like phone companies will charge you premium rates if you go over your alloted allowance.

For the 2 hours I surf, I can read around 2000 emails from the safelists. I use SL Genie to keep track of my credits and sort the lists into credit totals, so that I know which ones to surf first, (ie those with the least credits first).

Between 9am and 10am I advertise, again using SL Genie. SL Genie is setup to only let you advertise to those safelists where you can advertise on that day, so it knows when you allowed to advertise with a safelist, (every 24 hours or 5 days or whatever). This saves a lot of time. Other safelists, those not in SL Genie’s list, I then do manually. I’ve normally done all my advertising in about 30 minutes. Then the rest of the day is mine to work on my internet business, publishing my daily blog article and such like.

To check out Sandi’s article for today and find out why Safelists are so popular, go here: Articles / Internet Marketing / Safelist Advertising: What it is and how to get the best possible results.

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Published by Graham

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  • Andrew Stark

    October 30, 2011 at 10:54 pm Reply

    Really surprising that you have limits on your internet.

    Personally I’ve never seen the need for Safelist Genie, the salespage put me off as it automation that nearly brought this industry to it’s knees a few years ago.

    What’s wrong with setting up gmail filters and then using a tracker and then picking a top 10?


    • Graham

      October 31, 2011 at 4:35 pm Reply

      Thanks for your comment Andrew

      Unfortunately in the UK many ISP’s limit access, I’m thinking about changing my ISP to one who provides unlimited access but my current one is so good, fast and reliable, I’m holding back at the moment.

      SL Genie is not totally automatic. To read for credits you still need to read each message, and to send ads you still need to decide which safelist you want to email to. I think the salespage is a little misleading on that score, but nothing can be totally automatic, although many programs include the hype to that effect. I would say SL Genie only semi-automates the process by reducing the amount of work you need to do for the various tasks it performs.

      To read for credits – you download your messages from your email account (I use gmail) into SL Genie. Then you still have to open each message to get the credit, but the software automatically opens the credit link when you open the message and deletes the original email. No need to open each message in gmail, click the credit link, go back to gmail, delete the message and open the next etc.

      To send an message – you add the message to SL Genie, then choose which safelist you want to send it out to. SL Genie will only let you send out to those safelists where you are able to send according to the sending frequency. SL Genie automatically inserts the Subject, Body Text, Link URL and Credits to use into the credit email section of the safelist and you still need to click send. No need to manually log into each safelist, then copy and paste each various part (Subject, Body, Link URL) into the mailer and enter credits before clicking send, it’s all done for you.

      SL Genie also keeps track of your available credits, number of downline and earnings, where appropriate.

      I don’t use SL Genie to it’s full potential because I only use it for keeping track of my credits, when I can next send and actually sending my ads, because it saves so much time. I use gmail and filters for my safelist emails, so that I can choose which safelist I want to surf, but I surf from gmail not SL Genie. I find SL Genie is not so easy to surf the right safelists with, because it does everything in date order. So if there is one particular safelist that you need to surf, that only receives a few emails per day, SL Genie may never get to download those emails, because there will be older emails from other safelists, that send hundreds of emails per day, in your gmail account that SL Genie downloads first. I find it easier to use gmail and go to the particular folder for the safelist I want to surf.

      But SL Genie does make it easier and quicker to choose which safelists to surf and to choose which ones I can mail to, and then of course it is a lot easier to send mails using SL Genie.


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