Remembering London, as riots shake the greatest of cities… resurrecting the Edward R. Murrow style, August 10, 2011.

Riot police stand in line as fire rages through a building in Tottenham, north London Photo: PA

This is a sad day for me, because I am ashamed to be British after weeks such as we have seen in this country of mine. The mindless violence, vandalism and destruction we have seen this week in London and other major cities around the UK, is the sort of thing we are used to seeing in places like the Middle East, not in one of the greatest cities on earth, as a Brit, The Greatest City itself.

Today, I am venturing into the ‘war-zone’, because that is what it is, as I have a hospital checkup in London, so I am filled with trepidation, but more so with shame and disgust.

How can this great capital city of ours be displayed on world media in such a poor way? Where has our nations pride gone?

Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, who lived for many years in London and loves the city like his own, talks about the recent events and leaves us with a hope.

London and come through events such as this before on a far grander scale and survived, and she will again soon.

For the millions of citizens of this country who still have pride in this great city and great country, we know that this will pass and we will get back to a normal life, safe in knowledge that the senseless idiots who have brought this shame on us will be brought to justice, swiftly and harshly. When they are sat in a prison cell, maybe then they will find the time to reflect on what they have done and think of more positive ways to improve their lot in life, a life which is now sullied with a criminal record. Unfortunately I fear they will quickly forget that it is by their own actions that they have been marked and this will only be something else for them to use as evidence of how they have been persecuted and trodden down by authority.

Perhaps they should remember that you create your own opportunities in life and only you can make improvements to it by the actions you take.

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