ListJoe is a Downline Builder designed to build your downline in the following programs.

When you have clicked the links and have earned your 5 – 20 credits for each link clicked, you can then start to email a random member on the network. You can email one random member for every one credit you have earned. This means that you can easily email hundreds of people weekly all for free.

There are also paid member options which allow you to earn commissions on each new member you refer.

I quite like ListJoe because of it’s ease of use to building a large number of credits and subsequently a large list of potential customers.

Recommended List Builders

ViralURL – A link cloaker, link tracker, list builder and viral advertising tool all wrapped into one!
Build Referrals
List Bandit – see listing under List Bandit.
List Lotto
Desktop Lightning
– is a desktop messenger which requires you to install a small applet in your system tray. Personally I do not like these types of advertising systems as I have found them to put too much strain on my PC, even though it is a dual Pentium III. I also find the messages intrusive when I’m working. Having said that it does mean that your message will get through to the recipient.
Triple Your List – uses the same engine as List bandit etc. but also includes a semi-useful twist. As a Free member, the lead generator generates 3 random leads for you on a regular basis. This means that although I’ve only been a member for a couple of months, I’ve got 24 leads in my list, and I’ve done nothing to get them. The downside is that you need to email these leads outside the system and try to get them to join your main autoresponder list. Also some of the leads bounce as invalid email addresses which can be a nuisance but so far out of the 24 leads generated for me, only 3-4 have bounced. Unfortunately none have joined my autoresponder yet, so I need to manually follow-up with them until they do, if ever. Premium members get more auto-generated leads and an auto-responder built in.
Your Lucky List
– see listing under List Bandit.
Target Ads Depot
Free Ad Depot
The List Machine
– see listing under List Bandit.

Extra List Builders

ListJoe allows you to add extra list builders you want to promote. As yet I have not added any.

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