Recommended Safelists

In my time online I have joined numerous Safelists and Traffic Exchanges.

On the following sub-pages I have provided banners and links to all those Safelists and traffic Exchanges I am currently a member of and can recommend that you join as many or as few as you wish.

As part of my Dealership with Worldprofit, they provide a list of recommended Safelists and Traffic Exchanges. These are those which they have tested and know generate good quality and quantity leads into your business.

Worldprofit Safelists

Worldprofit Traffic Exchanges

The following are other Safelists, Traffic Exchanges and Downline Builders, where I have memberships.

Other Safelists, Traffic Exchanges and Downline Builders

I would recommend that when you join Safelists and Traffic Exchanges that you use a gmail account to receive all the emails from them. You will get a lot of email and gmail is just about the only way you can keep track of them without becoming overwhelmed with the amount you will receive.

For many safelists you join, you will be asked for a Contact email and a List email. Your List email will receive the most emails, as this is where they send all the normal advertising emails sent by other members. Your Contact email will also receive advertising emails, along with Admin emails occasionally. In most instances the advertising emails sent to your Contact email are usually Solo Ads which carry a far higher credit, than the normal emails.

For each safelist you have joined, I suggest that you set up filters within gmail to label each email with the safelist it has been received from. This will make it easier to surf those safelists in which you need credits. Some safelists have a number of levels of email they send in relation to the credits each one receives. These are usually shown with a prefix of Solo, SuperSolo, SoloAd or something similar. I further sub-filter these ads, so that I can concentrate on surfing the higher credits emails first, as this is the quickest way to build credits.

Tips on Reading SOLO Ads

One thing you must do when reading SOLO ads and clicking through the links, is use the Firefox browser. I’ve found that it works more reliably and faster than IE. It also allows you to restore a session, should it fall over, so you do not miss out on any credits if it does crash. It does not crash anywhere near as much as IE did but still does occasionally, if you try to open too many ads at one time. You want to use a browser which allows tabbed webpages.

Open your browser and login to your gmail account. You should have filtered your emails into their respective safelists or traffic exchanges. That done you can now select the first safelist you want to surf and open the first email. Once it has opened you can click the credit link.

Wait for the browser to open the ad in a new tab, then simply click back on the gmail window and delete the message. Select the next email and click the link. There is no need to wait until the webpage has fully opened, especially if using Firefox as it is fairly quick to start opening the page. You may need to complete the human input text on the first email link you open on some safelists and then keep an eye out for the next human input window as they come up during your surfing.

When you have opened say 20 links, drag the gmail window into a window on it’s own. The sites you have surfed will be on a window behind the main window, which you can select from the window menu. Select each tab to check that the timer, if present, has finished on each tab. Read the pages if you want to, You should actually at least review the websites you have surfed, as this is part of the mutual advertising system safelists offer. When you have checked (and read) each tab, close the window. I have found this is the quickest and easiest way to close all the tabs, as many websites now include pop-ups requesting you stay on the page for a downsell or upsell. You dialog button will usually default to the Close Window button, so you can press [Return] as each message is displayed. If you close each tab individually, you will find you are constantly moving around the screen from button to button, which takes time.

Eventually when all tabs have been closed you will be left with the original gmail window and you can start again.

As many Safelists and Traffic Exchanges place an expiry on the emails they send you should start at the end of the emails received. In the top right of the gmail window you will see a link that shows how many emails are in the current folder. Hovering over this link will display a sub-message, Newest or Oldest, selecting Oldest will take you the last page of emails in that folder and this is where you should start surfing.

And that’s it.


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