Pension Tips For The Self-Employed

Yesterday’s article was directed right at the start of your new business, Just to remind you it was entitled – Here’s how you get success from the very FIRST DAY of your home-based business. If you haven’t read this article and your just starting out, you should read it now here: Articles / Home Business / Get Success from the Very First Day

For today’s article, I’ve chosen another one from Dr Jeffrey Lant’s excellent collection and today it’s directed, in a way, right at the end of your new business, Your Retirement.

In reality it starts at the same place as Yesterday’s article, right at the beginning, but unfortunately, most people who start a new business, don’t think about their Pension.

Dr Lant writes: The sad fact is, a MAJORITY of the self- employed don’t have a pension plan. Survey after survey documents the fact that millions of people — each of whom wants to get old (it beats the alternative) — are NOT using their business and the pension guidelines to arrange for a comfortable retirement. This is madness.

So what should you do about it ?

Read Dr Lant’s article here – Articles / Finance / Pension Tips For The Self-Employed – to find out.

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