Paypal are Hilarious !! SafePay are Great !!


Following on from my previous post, something happened yesterday which really made my day.

I received an email from Paypal asking me to complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey regarding my recent issue. I thought they were having a laugh when I first saw it, but it was for real!

Some of the questions ran along the lines of ‘How satisfied were you with the way in which Paypal handled your issue ? ‘, and then the very next question was ‘Please explain why you marked the previous question as Extremely Unsatisfied

Now this was obviously like most Paypal emails, autogenerated from an automated system and I don’t really expect anyone to even read my comments or reply but needless to say my answers were not in the most positive vein. I wonder why! What should have been a five minute survey, actually took me around 30 minutes to complete. But boy did I enjoy completing it! It will be interesting to see if I ever get a response. I’m not expecting one as that would come under the heading of ‘Customer Service’ which clearly is a foreign concept to anyone at Paypal.

Anyway, I’ve spent the last few days adding a new payment processor to all my websites. Although I’ve got accounts with Alertpay, Google Checkout, MoneyBookers, PayDotCom etc., I’ve actually chosen to use SafePay .

The reason I’ve chosen SafePay is the ease of use they provide on their website. The whole thing gives a much better feeling of professionalism and good customer service.

In particular, unlike Paypal, any Buy Now or Subscription payment button you create is saved in your account. This is great, as it means if you decide to change the price, all you need to do is go into your account, open the button, change the amount and resave the button, then change the code on your website. And changing the code on your website may be just changing the price in the actual line of code –  Simple. You don’t need to re-create everything for the button like you do in Paypal. Everything you need to include in a button code is entered on a single page, no jumping around multiple pages where is easy to miss something.

Another good feature is that you can list every domain where your buttons should be, so that only domains you own can include your SafePay payment buttons, this should be useful to prevent your buttons going onto dodgy websites, just because you’ve signed up to be an affiliate.

You can limit the type of email accounts that can purchase from you, so you can not allow free email accounts if you want, which helps to prevent purchases from possible scammers.

All in all, so far I’m very happy with the way everything works from SafePay , I’ll keep you informed of progress, and on any developments from Paypal, if there are any.

Until the next time

Graham Lee

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