Of Sundays. What we have lost along the way.

Back at the end of May, Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, wrote an interesting article about how Sunday’s had simply just become another work day. About how Sunday’s, that once lazy day for lying in and relaxing, was now lost to most people due to, what he called “work creep and leisure drain”. You can read that article, published on the 29 May 2011, here: Articles / Life / Thoughts About Sunday

In that article he gave us a pledge to follow on Sunday’s if we want to regain the relaxed activities we have lost due to work.

In Today’s article, Dr Lant laments on the loss of some of the more traditional aspects of Sundays; Religion and Worship. It is a sad fact that many people only go to church for wedding’s and funeral’s. To read Today’s article click on this link:  Articles / Life / Of Sundays. What we have lost along the way.

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