New England’s cottontail rabbits face extinction… if you love them, help save them.

New England’s Cottontail Rabbits Face Extinction…

Another non IM related article today from Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, but one which I am happy to publish here.

The new England Cottontail Rabbit is an endangered species, which sounds unbelievable when you are talking about Rabbits! But this particular breed of rabbit is only native to a very few small areas in the New England area, from southern Maine to southern New York. That fact alone makes this unique and worthy of Dr Lant’s article today. In April the New England Cottontail was given protection under the Endangered Species Act, and I for one think that is great for not only the rabbits but also for us, Humans.

As Dr Lant says in his article:

For thousands of years, New England cottontails were self-sufficient, thank you very much. Then we, homo sapiens, descended, spreading dislocation, disaster, death. Now the future of these silky creatures is in our hands.

Yes folks, as is the case with so many endangered species of wildlife, we are the cause of their possibly extinction, something we should not be proud of.

Whilst researching for a suitable image to accompany this article, I came across a number of other sites which reported the announcement in April and was amazed at some of the comments. the most uneducated one being ‘it’s a friggin rabbit, who cares?’ In response to this, many people have quite rightly pointed out that, as with other endangered species, we need to look at the wider picture. If these animals disappear, it not only has an effect down the chain on what they hunt and eat, but also up the chain on what hunts them and ultimately on us as Humans. Just because it’s a rabbit, does not make this any different.

To read Dr Lant’s complete article go here: Articles / Life / New England Cottontail Faces Extinction

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