Nanny State Gone Crazy or What?

Since when has the speed limit in built up areas in the UK been 20mph and not the usual 30 mph ?

I must have missed that memo!

Just lately I’ve noticed more and more 20mph signs and road markings on routes I’ve used for years.

Speed bumps and reduced speed limits are put in place to make roads safer, usually after multiple accidents, or to reduce pollution, according to the authorities.

But 20 mph is simply causing more congestion and in turn more pollution. Modern cars are designed to be safer and more fuel efficient, but not a slow speeds like 20mph.

And I’m not talking about shopping centres or housing estates where 20mph is perfectly acceptable, oh no, I’m talking about main roads, where you would expect to drive at 30mph. Some of these roads are quite wide thoroughfares !

Now before any of you nannies start complaining…..

I’m not advocating that this speed limit should be broken or ignored but we all know there are some drivers around, who show no regard for any speed limit whether it’s 20mph or 70mph.

But 20mph…. come on, that is just inviting these drivers to go faster, especially when the road can clearly allow a higher speed.

It’s Nanny state gone crazy and totally ridiculous, I mean I make money faster than that !

And some people are making money even faster….

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Now that’s pretty quick!

No nanny state rules are holding these people back, they are going full speed and making a ton of money.

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Enjoy the ride !

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