My Mistake – Your Gain!


If you’ve been following my posts for the last week or so, you’ll know that I’ve been promoting Michael Cheney’s Commission Machine.

It’s a system I’ve been following myself as well as promoting, basically because it just works!

If you’ve been struggling to make any affiliate commissions online, the Commission Machine could finally turn things around for you, and you could be earning commissions within a few days just by following this Step-by-Step process. You can also earn affiliate commissions without even having a list using these steps.

Michael Cheney shows you everything you need to know.

But I realised over the weekend that there were a couple of things wrong with my promotion, which would deny some of you taking the benefit of the huge bonus package Michael and I have put together for this promotion.

The first mistake was the Bonuses link.

I completely forgot to include the link to the bonus page in my postings, so you would never know that a bonus package was available and expiring on Sunday evening – yes yesterday evening!

The second mistake was my advertising.

I originally setup my advertising to start on Monday last week, but due to problems with my ad copy, the actual SOLO Ad did not go out until Wednesday. This meant that the deadline to claim the bonuses was already 2-3 days gone.

So I’ve decided to extend the bonuses package until this Wednesday 24 June at Midnight.

You can see what that bonus package includes by going here:

When you click on the link on that page and purchase the Commission Machine, you will automatically receive all the bonuses shown on that page.

But you need to act fast.

These Bonuses will NOT be extended again, so if you try to claim them on Thursday, they will absolutely, definitely be gone.

Go here now and claim your bonuses when you purchase the Commission Machine Today.

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