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It’s been a while since my last post, as I’ve been really busy on my offline projects.

I should be continuing with the review of Michael Cheney’s Affiliate Millions course in the next post. I’ve been looking at some other stuff as well with a view to promoting when I can.

My issues with Paypal continue unabated but they are certainly saving me a fortune, I haven’t bought any new stuff for ages, partly because it’s a little difficult with no Paypal account and partly because I just haven’t seen anything I think is worth buying at the moment. The whole IM marketplace seems to be fairly quiet at the moment, unless it’s just me.

Talking about Paypal, they never fail to amaze me! As we all know a Paypal account is very convenient and makes it very easy to buy online and we also know that you can pay by credit/debit card for items using Paypal but without actually signing into your Paypal account.  But what I’d like to know is ‘Why can’t I use the same credit card as the one I’ve got registered in my Paypal account?’

They won’t let me remove it from the account but they also refuse to accept payment using it outside my account. It’s just another example of Paypal ‘lording’ it over online users for no apparent reason.

Another strange thing happened the other day as well, I got an email from Paypal telling me to log into my account to ‘restore it’. I thought great they’ve finally decided to offer some real customer service and value and have changed their minds about my non-transgression of their rules.

But No, when I logged in, they are still showing the incorrect reason for my account being limited and did not provide anywhere for me to enter the information they requested in the email. As you might have guessed I sent them a reply, which respectfully pointed out their error and that only they could restore my account as they were the ones who limited it and I await a reply. No doubt I’ll get the automated robot reply ‘We regret to inform you that we cannot overturn the limitation on your account.’ which is getting a little tedious to say the least.

The one positive I will take away from this is that they mentioned in this email that my account would be reinstated after 180 days. Now I know that’s normal but that’s the first time they have ever mentioned it, so we live in hope. I’ll probably not use it that much but the convenience makes it worthwhile to buy things with.

Anyway, until next time

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