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Today I’d like to continue with the review of Michael Cheney’s Affiliate Millions course by discussing the next two videos in the package.

  • How to Create Cascades of Cash With Killer Conversions
  • How To Power Up Your Profits Using TV’s Secret Formula

Why Two Videos ? Well a couple of reasons really, 1) I’m going away on Thursday for a long weekend to see my kids and won’t be able to post for a few days and 2) Both these videos deal with Cash or Profits into your business, so they go together quite well.

So looking at the first one, How to Create Cascades of Cash With Killer Conversions.

In this video Michael talks about the Seven Layers of Proof you need to give to your website visitors to encourage them to buy your product or service. The seven secret layers are designed to get your visitors across the river of doubt we talked about in an earlier post.

In the video, Michael tells you whet these layers of proof are, they are secrets only he is allowed to reveal, so i can’t tell you what they are here. Next in the video he goes on to show you an affiliate program where the seven layers of proof are used effectively to drive traffic across the river of doubt and turn your visitors into paying customers.

In the next video, How To Power Up Your Profits Using TV’s Secret Formula, Michael explains what all good TV ads use to get you the buyer to buy their products. Every TV advert uses three simple steps to walk you through what their product is capable of doing, and these three simple steps can be used to promote your own products online in the same way…. and produce the same sort of results.

You can use these techniques in video ads or static web page ads. He gives some very useful examples and even shows you how he uses the techniques for one of his own websites at Michael’s Traffic Video’s , so you know the technique is going to work. Why would Michael use it on his own website if it didn’t ? He also used it on one of his other websites as well.

So there we have it, If you want to find out what the seven layers of proof are or what the three secret steps used extensively and effectively on TV adverts are, you need to have a look at Michael Cheney’s Affiliate Millions Course Today

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