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Just a quick post today to follow-up on the Tarffic Generation I started last week.

As I said in my last post I spent a couple of days last week setting up VitalViral and loads of traffic exchange programs recommended in VitalViral. What I’ve done is for the 8 or so programs I’ve taken up the paid options for, I’ve setup ads to VitalViral to promote VitalViral from within those programs. I’ve only setup 1 website link and 1 banner ad in each. Not all of those ads have a squeeze page on them, some just direct the viewer to VitalViral . So I’ve setup a system where some links are building my list and some are just building my credits. In the ‘non paid for’ programs ones I’ve done very little, I’ve surfed to gain about 50 credits in each, but as I don’t enjoy just surfing, that’s about all I’ve done.

So I did all that last week from Wednesday and since then I’ve had 18 signups to my list and another 10 who have yet to confirm through my double opt-in with AWeber . So that’s 28 potential signups in 4 days . Now that doesn’t sound very many but for me that’s great as I’ve always struggled to get subscribers. On the squeeze page I’ve setup a couple of Free reports and a traffic tool as a bonus.

To capitalise on this I’ve going to go through my links and change/add some more to the squeeze page to gain even more subscribers. I’ll also be updating my Freebies to include more quality content to encourage signups. This week I’ve also got another viral list builder I’m going to be looking at and setting up, so I’ll let you know in future postings what that is. But for now I do think you should look at VitalViral if you are trying to get more traffic and build your list.

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