Joshua Bell: The most romantic man on earth.

Today’s article was inspired by yesterday’s article about Lavender. If you haven’t read yesterdays article you can read it here: Articles / General Interest / The Comfort and Friendship of Amiable Lavender

In yesterday’s article Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, suggested that readers searched for the specific music to the film to accompany the article played by Violinist Joshua Bell. This meant that he found out more information about Joshua Bell and decided to write an article as a follow-up.

So Today’s article is a short biography about him. Once again Dr Lant has suggested a couple of pieces of music which will help you, the reader, get into the right mood or atmosphere to get the most out of the article.

To read Today’s complete article, click on this link: Articles / Interesting People / Joshua Bell: The most romantic man on earth.

When you’ve read the article I would be really interested in hearing your own thoughts, so please leave a comment and I will share it with all my readers.

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