Interactivity is the key to blog success. Here’s the exact language to use to get it. Yes, exact.

I’m really excited to be adding another informative and interesting article by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit.

Why am I excited? Because the articles that Dr Lant writes are well written and current with up to date affairs.

Today’s article is about why your Blog should be Interactive. To get more traffic your blog needs to be interactive and to make it interactive Dr Lant has given his tips on how you can do that.

You may have noticed in the last few posts announcing each new article I have included a call to action and asked you to post your comments.Dr Lant’s article includes the following tip to encourage your readers to comment:

“Readers! You’ve arrived at the most interactive blog online… where we are in constant touch with our readers… and readers are encouraged, indeed expected, to respond. We like hearing from you!”

Well Readers, that is exactly my intention with this blog, I want to make it the most interactive blog online, and it’s only by leaving your comments, that you can help me to achieve that.

To read the complete article please visit this page: Articles / Blogs and Blogging / Interactivity is the key to blog success

And when you’ve read it, Please leave a comment.

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