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It’s been a few days since my last post, the reason being, I’ve been engrossed in The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet Version 2008 from Derek Gehl and The Internet Marketing Center.

I’ve looked at this in the past and never purchased but at the moment Derek has a special $2.95 Trial on it with an unmissable OTO, so I’ve taken the plunge and I have to say this is the best course on Internet Marketing I’ve seen. Most of the ones I’ve purchased in the past, for a lot more than this one I might add, have all been poor examples where the content has consisted of photocopied information freely available elsewhere, and poorly written content.

So you may ask – Why have I spent more cash on another Internet Marketing Course ? Well I knew Derek Gehl was well respected and having been on his mailing list for some time, knew the quality of the information he provides. I’d also been reading reports from other successful IM people that they struggled to make a living online until they bought and studied this course, which was originally written by Corey Rudl. Derek took over the mantle, when Corey unfortunately died in a race car accident in 2005.

So knowing what this course had done for other successful marketers, it made sense to do the course myself. I’m pleased I did. The course comes in two professional binders with the content spread over 12 Steps. It’s quite a hefty delivery as well and well packaged. Steps 1-6 in Binder 1 are all about Building Your Business and cover such things as Finding the right Niche , Choosing the right Products , Writing Sales Cop y , Designing and Building your Website , Setting up your Email Marketing and getting Opt-ins then finally getting Visitors and Sales . Steps 7-12 in Binder 2 are all about Growing Your Business and covers the following topics, Marketing using PPC , Making your website Search Engine friendly , more on Opt-in Email Marketing , How to increase Traffic and Sales using Affiliates , How and Why to Test everything you do and finally, How to add extra Revenue Streams to generate even more Profits. In all, the 12 steps contain 70 lessons which take you through what you need to do to succeed online. There are also 6 CD’s which are referenced throughout the written material providing live examples of how to do certain tasks. In addition Derek has now also included a 56 page 6 lesson course on Marketing using Web 2.0 .

I’m only through a small part of the course so far but already know what I need to do to select a profitable niche, things I should have already done for my current niche sites but never really did. Which explains a lot about why they are not doing as well as I’d hoped but at least I can use the other parts of the course to improve them now.

So if you are new to Internet Marketing or even a seasoned Pro who has not taken this excellent course I’d recommend you get it now while it’s on special and improve the way you do things in your online business.

The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet Version 2008 from Derek Gehl and The Internet Marketing Center.

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