May 092017

Can you answer a quick question for me?

What’s the biggest problem (or problems) you’re having with your business right now?

You can reply to this post with your answer.

Your answer will help me know what type of products and services (paid and free) my readers need and want.

Doesn’t matter what it is, providing it’s in the online marketing area – affiliate marketing, traffic generation, product creation, whatever…

Reply to this post and I’ll read them all and deliver relevant content


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  2 Responses to “I Need Your Help”

  1. Hey my name is Shawn I love how a company say they need people too work for them its a free it won’t cost a dime there’s no such thing as joining for free too a great business time u sign up the got u like a bug stuck in a web then they say $49.95 or $100. Or more why is people are not truthful with people who are interested too work at home but are so afraid too because of scams like this

  2. Hey Shawn, I totally agree, but there are companies who when they say free mean free, and instead of putting money in you have to work harder.

    SFI is a good example, it is free to join and you are NOT required to put any money in, you are NOT required to spend any money if you don’t wish. It can be quicker to develop if you do put some money in but that is your choice

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