How Yelp can help your local business generate business!

If you operate an offline business, there is no reason why you should not be advertising and promoting online. In fact if you’re not marketing online, you are probably losing a huge amount of profits.

Almost everyone has some form of internet access these days, so why not take advantage of it.

Ah but I hear you saying, “I don’t have time to do anything online, I’m running a business…” This is where websites like Yelp can be extremely helpful.

If you own an offline business, take a little time to write an honest review of your business and post it onto your local Yelp website.

To find out more about Yelp read today’s article by Sandi Hunter, Director of  Website Development at Worldprofit Inc. Her article today gives an overview of, but the same advice and information can be applied to your local one. is great if you are in the UK.

Sandi’s article can be found here: Articles / General Business / How Yelp can help your local business generate business!

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