Oct 172011

Today I want to discuss Traffic, obviously in the context of the Internet, I’m talking about website traffic and not automobile traffic. Although automobile traffic would make a great subject for an interesting article. I could certainly offer some ideas on how to make it flow better and make the whole driving experience better… but that is the topic for another blog!

Website traffic is the key to success in your internet business, because without traffic to your website, you will not have many potential customers, thereby no sales and no profits.

So Traffic is very important to your online success. But if you follow the guidelines of certain online marketers, who in many instances have already made a success of their business, and therefore have money to spend on pay-per-click and other forms of paid advertising, you will very quickly run out of money. I’m not saying that paid methods of advertising are bad, in fact they are possibly the best forms to use… if you have the money to spend. Unfortunately many people when they first start out, do not have a huge amount of ready cash to spend.

So you need Free Traffic, and lots of it.

Today’s article outlines a number of ways, in which you can generate free traffic. The article can be found here: Articles / Internet Marketing / How To Generate Traffic Using Only Free Methods

The methods described here are not the only ones available, so before anyone starts banging on about SEO, Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, etc., the ones I’ve described in today’s article are some of the easiest ones to use. I’ll possibly discuss the others in a later article.

When you’ve read today’s article we would really like to hear your thoughts and would welcome your comments on the article to share with our other readers.

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