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I’m back from my trip, which seemed to pass far too quickly, and the only two decent days we had with the weather here in the UK, were the two days we were traveling … Typical!

Anyway, in this post I’d first like to start with an apology regarding Dominate Social Networking.

This package is still not released and available to purchase. I’ve listed it with Clickbank and they are refusing to approve it in their marketplace because ‘they do not list products in the Social Networking niche’ . I’ve checked and they already have at least 7 products listed for this niche so someone has obviously made a mistake. I’ve informed them of the existing products and I’m waiting for a reply from them hopefully approving Dominate Social Networking

If they still refuse to list it then I will have to sell it from one of my own websites but unfortunately, without a useable Paypal account, I will have no way to offer affiliate commissions until I can sort something else out.

So onto the real reason for this post, a continuation of my review of Michael Cheney’s Affiliate Millions course. The next video in the series is How to Create Hungry Hordes of Happy Buyers and is the longest video in the series.

In this video, Michael walks you step-by-step through one of his affiliate campaigns, showing you how he started in pre-launch at least a week before he actually started promoting the product. He explains how he sent people to his blog first, then raises their level of curiosity using specific techniques.

He then goes on to explain how to setup your own domain which actually goes to the official affiliate website, so that anyone entering your own website will always go to the affiliate page and think that they are entering the actual site anyway.

I’ve used some of these techniques in my own websites, not so much for affiliate products but for products where I have resell rights. I try to obtain a domain name which closely resembles the real product site, so that there is a direct link between the product and my own site. Michael Cheney’s Affiliate Millions website is a good example of this.

My domain is ‘’ but it is promoting Micheal Cheney’s Affiliate Millions product.

When you do this for an affiliate product, it allows you to put up more information about the product on your own website, such as videos, reviews etc. which is what Michael explains in the video.

By doing this you are preparing visitors to really want to buy the affiliate product and when you eventually send them to the real affiliate page they tend to just buy, without reading through tons of copy.

Many affiliates these days pre-launch products and this is an ideal way to prime your own list into buying the product through your affiliate link.

It also allows you to add more people to your list, which is the ultimate tool in your online marketing. I tried this with Dominate Social Networking but unfortunately Clickbank have let me down on that at the moment.

Lesson: With your own products make sure they are available before doing a pre-launch and hold them back for a while, to build that anticipation in your visitors.

Michael also gives some insight into using other forms of promotion, such as YouTube, in your pre-launch efforts as these are great sites to get traffic from.

So there you have it, the next video in Michaels Affiliate Millions course, we’re half way through with the following being what’s left.

  • How To Activate Auto Pilot Affiliate Riches
  • How To Create a Cash-Erupting Volcano Using Viral Video
  • How To Turn On a Tornado of Traffic to Your Affiliate Offers
  • How To Create Money Magnets
  • How to Get a List of Red Hot Prospects

As you can see we still have some very interesting topics left to review

On a couple of final items, I’m still offering 50% Upgrades to Pro on my text ad exchange Ads Plus Traffic and have just added a very special deal on Solo Ads, so please have a look at the site and join especially if you want more Traffic , Signups , Sales and Profits into your online business. Click the link above or the really colorful banner on the right.

The second item concerns our friends at Paypal. I thought as it had been a month since I had my account Limited I would respectfully ask if they would reconsider. It was a pointless exercise as all I got back was an automated reply, saying:

We regret to inform you that we cannot overturn the limitation on your account. Due to the violation of Paypal’s Acceptable Use Policy, your account has been permanently limited. We will remain with this decision and consider the matter closed at this stage.

So my email has obviously not even been read by a human being and Paypal continue to provide exceptional customer service!! I intend sending the same email every month, just to see how long it takes before a real person replies to me.

Until the next time


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