Get Rid of Your Excuses, It’s time to put them on the fire.

Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, has written another article based around another topic in the Self Improvement area.

His article today covers the topic of Excuses. We all make them at some time in our lives, Some of us make more excuses than others. Dr Lant quite rightly says in his article today that to be successful in business and in our lives, we need to stop making excuses and to purge ourselves of the inbuilt excuses we have, which we put forth regularly.

In short, “The better you are at making them, the less good you are at making money and the less success overall.”

In the article, Dr Lant, goes through some of the most used excuses and explains why they should not be excuses and why you need to burn them in your own bonfire of excuses now.

The complete article can be found here: Articles / Self Improvement / Get Rid of Your Excuses

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