‘Don’t break the heart that loves you….’ Lance Armstrong fights doping charges by ’60 Minutes’… but this time they have teeth.

Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit has written an article for us today about Lance Armstrong 7 times Tour De France winner for 7 consecutive years 1999 and 2005. I truly admire Lance Armstrong for his commitment and determination to beat the cancer he was diagnosed with in 1996, before he won the Tour De France so many times. Having been diagnosed with Leukeamia in 2009, I have been through the chemo-therapy treatment and can attest to how hard it is to get through it. It is not a nice experience by a long way.

Dr Lant was prompted to write todays article due to Lance Armstrong being in the news once again for the wrong reasons, the accusations on CBS’ “Sixty Minutes” program (May 20, 2011) by former U.S. cycling professional Tyler Hamilton with evidence of drug taking during his best years.

Now I’m not a Celebrity follower by any means because I feel that everyone, regardless of their position or success in life is entitled to a certain level of privacy. Frankly I’m not interested in what they may or may not have done, be it good or bad. But unfortunately, celebrity seems to be an open invitation to find as much dirt and bad things about someone, as is humanly possible. I’m not defending Lance Armstrong in any way here, if he has taken illegal drugs, that is not right and as a public figure he has a duty to be honest about it, but why the intense need to bring people down with accusations of wrong-doing. In many cases these are proven to be completely false and unfounded but by then it is too late as the damage is already done.

I fear that this may be the case with Lance Armstrong. These allegations have been rumbling around in the media since 1999 and every time he has denied them, with negative test results. The allegations have now resurfaced yet again, but can he beat them again and even if he does, is his reputation already damaged beyond repair.

To read Dr Lant’s article in full, go to: Articles / Interesting People / Lance Armstrong – A Boy and His Bike

When you’ve read the article I would be really interested in hearing your own thoughts, so please leave a comment and I will share it with all my readers.

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